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Trampoline Garden Trampoline XXL Trampoline. SixJump trampolines are quick to assemble and secure. High quality available in diamters from Ø 1,40m - 4,60m It does not matter if mini, for leisure or giant trampoline. With SixBros it does not matter, you trampoline always includes the rain cover, the spring protection cover and the security net. Also you can acquire accessories and spare parts such as springs, rain cover, ladder and net at low prices with Sixbros for low shipping costs.
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Parents do not always have the time or possibility to take their children to an amusement park or play with them on a playground. Thanks to SixBros they now have the possibility to a small amusement park in their own garden. Garden trampolines enjoy a rising popularity.

The trampolines can be bought in various forms, colours and sizes. Depending on the space you have, you can buy a round or angled trampoline for your garden. Our smallest trampolines start with a diameter of 1.40m up to 4.60m. To secure a long-living for your trampoline, you need to pay attention to some special points. . The security of your trampoline always comes first. Therefore you should always pay attention to a TÜV or GS certificate. It is worth to invest a little more money into your trampoline, as these usually are more elastic, which protects your joints.

Moreover it is advisable to bear in mind the following points, when buying a trampoline:

Is a security net needed? – Very important for smaller children: danger of falling down
Is a protective cover needed? Is your trampoline left outside for long terms? A protective cover prevents your trampoline from damage caused by dirt and direct sun.
Is a ladder included? – This gives as well small children a secure possibility to access the trampoline
Weight indication/ Maximum capacity – Pay attention to the maximum capacity of the trampoline.
How big should or can the trampoline be? – This depends on your available space, please think as well of the available height. The trampoline should not be placed under trees or canopies.

If you respect these information, you will have a lot of fun with your trampoline.